ISEAK Foundation is a multidisciplinary initiative on social sciences that aims to contribute to better decision-making and improve the quality of public debate.

We are fundamentally interested on social and economic issues, and are specialized in areas such as labor markets, poverty and inequality, education, urban policy, or gender inequality. We are guided by empirical rigor and independence, and are firmly committed to development and the improvement of public policies.

We come from different backgrounds, either from academia, international organizations, governments or consulting firms. We work with organizations mostly from the public sector, but also third sector organizations and private firms. We are part of local, national and international networks, which allow us to access new sources of knowledge and analysis.
Our goal is to learn and contribute to the improvement of our environment and advance towards a modern and inclusive society.

At present there is no such initiative in Euskadi or in any other State Community. ISEAK intends to be a regional, national and international reference in the decision making of public policies, fundamentally of social content, through an adequate diagnosis and subsequent evaluation of their impact.

Our team combines experts from leading international organizations with academic experts with a deep knowledge of the Basque socio-economic reality. This combination allows the application of international knowledge and best practices to the specificities of the social and economic policy problems faced by the political decision-makers of the Basque Country and other regional institutions.

Download the Foundation’s bylaws in Spanish