El impacto del Ingreso Mínimo Vital por Comunidad Autónoma

The Ingreso Mínimo Vital (IMV), Minimum Income Scheme in Spain, aims to guarantee a minimum level of income for households living in extreme poverty. To this end, the IMV defines a poverty line or threshold based on the size and composition characteristics of households. This line establishes the amount of money that, according to the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, a person needs to stop being poor. The following sheets present an analysis of the coverage offered by the IMV in each Autonomous Community. For this purpose, the equivalence between the amount of IMV established for each household and the extreme poverty line according to the international standard of each Autonomous Community is shown, based on the income of its population. The microdata from The Spanish Survey of Living Conditions (Spanish SILC Survey) of the INE (Spanish National Statistics Institute) for the year 2019 have been used for the preparation of these files.