población gitana en España; empleo; pobreza


Situación de la población gitana en España en relación al empleo y la pobreza

población gitana en España; empleo; pobreza

The ISEAK Foundation, together with the Fundación Secretariado Gitano, analyzes the situation of the Roma population in Spain, mainly with regards to employment and poverty.

The main messages of the study are:

  • School dropout reaches 96% in the Roma minority.
  • Only 17% of the Roma population over 16 have completed Secondary studies or higher.
  • Only 39% of Roma women work or want to work, compared to 76% of men. This gender gap is much greater than that of the general population (37 percentage points compared to 11).
  • The unemployment rate of Roma men is 47% and that of Roma women is 60%.
  • Poverty and exclusion affects more than 80% of the Roma population. Severe poverty reaches 46%.
  • The child poverty rate stands at 89%. That is, 9 out of 10 Roma children live at risk of poverty.