Analysis of the link between skills by university degree and employment in Andalusia.

Partner UNIA - International University of Andalusia

The aim of this study is (1) to offer a diagnosis of the suitability of the different university degrees to the reality of the labour market and (2) to identify the skills demanded by the markets and how they are linked to the demands of employment. To this end, the employment situation of graduates five years after graduation is analysed by university degree. This makes it possible to examine whether workers’ occupations are line with the type studies undertaken. On the other hand, we study the evolution of the occupations in Spain and performed and, hence, the underlying skills linked to them. In this way, we identify whether the various occupations, as well as the competences and skills associated with them, are emerging or, conversely, in decline. In sum, we estimate the impact of university degrees on the alignment of occupations and skills the Spanish labour market.