Comprehensive Evaluation of Active Employment Policies in Castilla y León

Partner Airef
Partner Public Employment Service of Castilla y León

The ISEAK Foundation, together with the other partners of Redev (Afi, IVIE and KSNET), collaborates with AIReF and the Public Employment Service of Castilla y León in the comprehensive evaluation of four active employment policies implemented in recent years:

1) Subsidies for the relocation of people in declining sectors, such as mining and thermal power plants
2) Training courses for unemployed people oriented to the demand and needs of local companies
3) Integrated itinerary of orientation, training and job placement to align professional qualifications and improve the job placement capacity of unemployed people
4) Subsidies to non-profit institutions for hiring unemployed people

With the development of this project we intend to advance in the evaluation of procedures, monitoring and impact of these four programs of different nature executed by the Public Employment Service of Castilla y León. The large amount of economic resources allocated to the implementation and maintenance of these policies, together with the limited evidence of their effectiveness for the national territory, makes the integral evaluation of their follow-up, implementation and causal impact essential.