The Social Cost of Unemployment in Spain

Partner BBVA Foundation
Partner IVIE

ISEAK Foundation collaborates with the Valencian Institute for Economic Research (IVIE) and with the BBVA Foundation to carry out a scientific work.

This paper will analyze unemployment in Spain from a point of view different than the usual, specifically from the perspective of the social cost of unemployment.

Unemployment is a permanent problem of the Spanish society that undoubtedly has social costs, since it implies that a part of the available resources are not used and has repercussions on income and on participation of the people affected in the economic and social life. A relevant question is which are and how to adequately measure the social costs of unemployment, particularly when it is very high. That is the objective of this project, which aims to take advantage of conceptual contributions developed for the analysis of other issues – such as inequality and poverty – and build indexes that combine incidence and intensity measures.