Since January 2020, I am a researcher at the Fundación ISEAK and a PhD student in Economics at the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU) under the supervision of Sara de la Rica. My research focuses on the labour market and, in particular, in the field of precariousness, digitalisation, and the monitoring of labour dynamics.

Previously, my career focused on fiscal policy: after my time at AIReF (the Spanish Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility), I was a researcher at the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council in Dublin for two and a half years. I have experience in fiscal policy evaluation as well as macroeconomic and demographic projections.

To do so, we generate academic knowledge about existing inequalities, always based on the evidence offered by the data, and we transfer it with Independence and Rigour to society in general and in particular to those with responsibilities in making social and economic policy decisions.

Our strength lies in the method of work. We are specialists in the treatment of complex data and in the evaluation of economic policy measures. We transfer this knowledge to move towards a less unequal, more modern and inclusive society.

Our main areas of work are the following:

Empleo y desempleo
Igualdad de genero
Pobreza e Inclusion
Digitalizacion y capital humano

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